My fairphone 3 only charges in fastboot mode

Hi, after getting wet in a storm, my fairphone FP3 only charges when it is in fast boot mode, i.e when pressing down volume key and power to turn on, then it goes into a little text menu and will actually charge., ,Otherwise when plugging in to any usb, and I’ve tried so many of them, plugs, cables etc, it won’t charge, but when it reaches 0% it will try and launch, will buzz, show the logo for a second then restart and do the same… I think it is using too much power when doing this… So I tried the fast boot thing and that seems to work as it uses a bit less power but that’s just my opinion really. When done like this it will charge about 1% every 10 minutes. I left it charging for aout 10 hours and was at 100 percent. I’ve ordered a new bottom part (with mic and USB connector) and battery from the store but is there a way to clean it out or to tell what is actually failing? Thanks!

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You may find the bottom module is the issue. Given you can charge the battery it ‘suggests’ that is not the problem.

You don’t say how you dried the phone, nor provide any details on the setup.

Drying can take 24 hours in a warm/cool flow of air with all the modules separated. In separating the modules check for the white/red squares as in

You may also want to look at the following images of the breakdown of the bottom module to help in assessing how clean it is

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Thank you so much! I actually took it to a phone repair place known around here for their expertise and they said dry it out or get a new bottom module, and no he didn’t know how to dry it but it was sitting wih the back off and battery out for half an hour in there and is now charging properly so I guess time and air have helped. I may try your suggestion of takig it apart, but even if I now have an extra bottom module it will be sitting there in case the floods come by again!


OK. My daughter did that but I insisted she dismantled checked and dried it more thoroughly.

When you have time, and I suggest soon, do a more thorough job. Half and hour, true it’s summer, is a very short time.

All the best

Just wanted to say I got my bottom module today, just 3 days after ordering it, I followed the instruction video in the spare parts section and replaced it in about 20 minutes. A brilliant example of the benefits of the modular design and of having a fairphone. It now charges perfectly. I put the old bottom module in rice for a while… Just in case it manages to dry it properly. Maybe it will be useful one day to myself or someone else. Thanks for your help!

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Not a brilliant idea. Unless you put the module in a tight canvas bag before surrounding with rice as dust may enter the module and make it even more unusable.

Drying in a flow of air is premium. I’ve had a phone in the river overnight and one in the toilet. Washed them in clean water, dried them for over a day each and both working more than a year later (FP3)

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