My fairphone 3 fell on the floor today, does not work properly since

Hi there,

today my Fairphone 3 fell hard on the floor.

Now the start button works only one time in ten trials. Then the display shows the window to enter the code, but the display does not react to finger contact.

Any idea what might be broken?
Thanks in advance!

At least for the display problem I’d recommend to open the phone, clean display contacts and remount it. This has helped in various similar cases.


Thank you, Volker, I will try and post the result!


I wish you good luck and will keep fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

You might also have a look at one of those topics (although the symptoms are a bit different):


Hi Volker,
thanks for the additional information. I just managed to remove the display, but then I did not know how to clean the contacts. I decided to put it back together and to seek help for cleaning.
But to my surprise - it worked again. :smiley:
You made my day, thanks a lot…


Wonderful news (actually cleaning the contacts was only an additional measure, just in case… :wink: )!


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