My downloads show up in black and white and negative

Hi there,
Since the last update of Android my downloads show up in black and white and in negative. So the background is black en text is white. Barcodes can’t be read.

Thanks Roger

Do you mean the file manager that shows the downloaded files or do you mean downloaded files like PDFs etc.? Inverted colors in the file manager (and other apps) might be caused by the power saving mode (which has existed in previous versions already, too), but any PDFs, pictures etc. should not invert their color. Unless it’s about PDFs that include barcodes I don’t get the connection to barcodes, maybe you can elaborate a little bit more on that.

Hi Martin, thanks for reaching out.
I’ve been using the ReadEra app to read documents on my Fairphone for quit some time and it always has functioned. After my post i’ve downloaded Acrobat Reader and removed ReadEra and it turns out that the problem was apparently a malfunction in the app.
Everything works fine now.



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