"My Contacts" widget won't update, won't uninstall

F-Droid is showing “My Contacts” as updated (from 2.0 to 2.1), but won’t upgrade because the signing key has changed. It instructs me to uninstall 2.0 and then install 2.1. However when I try to uninstall 2.0 I get this somewhat confusing message:

Error uninstalling %s
Failed to uninstall due to an unknown error

… anyone else seeing this?

Nothing obvious on the issues page: https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/android_packages_apps_MyContactsWidget/issues

The version installed on your device is still the version signed by Fairphone, which is as such a system app. F-Droid is thus, by default, unable to uninstall it.

When FP Open is updated to Android 6, there won’t be conflicts anymore because the MyContacts widget won’t be included.

See the progress of publishing the apps/widgets developed by Fairphone here:


Thanks for explaining that @Stefan. Looks as if the error message above could be more helpful, but it’s not obvious to me whether that is a problem in My Contacts or F-Droid — or both.

It’s F-Droid, I guess. F-Droid doesn’t usually have to deal with system apps. :wink:


For anyone who wants to thumbs-up them, the two relevant F-Droid issues are these:


Like @Stefan mentioned, that’s our fault. Sorry for the troubles, we’ll solve that as soon as possible, :sweat:


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