My busybox is not installed or out of date, can't backup with MyBackup Pro

Inorder to prepare myself and my FP for the latest update I’ll try to reunited the phone’s memory. Before this I have to backup my FP. To avoid problems (forgotten passwords, difficult questions etc) after restoring, I have installed MYBackup Pro. So far so good!
But now, when I check my backups, the following text appears: ’ Your busybox is not installed or out of date. Please install the latest busy box. Your backup and restore operations might not function properly.
Installed: v None
Min required: v1.20.2’.
And indeed: Backup of Data is OK, backup of Apps&Media doesn’t excists.

How do I install a busybox (and what in heavens name is it)?

Thanks for your help,


You get it from Google Play Store, e.g., and you can look up what is does here and here.

(Hey, you know, this googling everybody is talking about since acouple of years, that’s a really helpful thing… :wink: )

@Toon Are you still having problems?

Hi Stefan,
I was advised to look at " My Backup Pro’.
Being not to familiar with smart phones (and computors in general) i’ve
chosen for a safe way to backup all that’s in my FP, and i’ve bought the
Before this i’ve found a ‘busybox’ (Playstore) and have installed it.
I think all went well… After a while all was working again. A pity
not all settings were saved, not all passwords too.
I’ve lost nearly all my pictures in the proces. Can’t find them back.
Too bad…

I’ll try again to backup soon, I guess. When the upgrade 1.8 is released

I can imagine that there are lots of people who can do this is a quarter
of an houre while having a coffee. I took me a great deal longer.
But both my FP and myself are doing well, so all’s well.

Thank you for asking,

Greetings, Toon

Stefan Brand schreef op 06-03-15 om 11:00:

You are welcome. :wink:
If you need further assistance with the backup process, search the forum or ask in a related topic. :slight_smile:

PS: The app Titanium Backup is said to be quite useful.

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