My battery is dying - new one not available

Dear community,

my battery ist dying - a new one for my FP 2 is not available before April.

What ca I do?



Well first of all I’d check if you can’t save the battery. Often it looks like it’s dying but it’s just some other issue. Check out the #batteryguide for some pointers.
If you are sure your battery needs replacement you can check out the list of #resellers - if there is none in your country some of them ship worldwide.


Dear Paula,

thanks for your advice - in the list of the resellers I found memolife in germany - they have the FP2 battery on stock - quite pricy für 29 Euros plus shipping - why are you so short?

Anyway - problem is solved - thanks for your help!!!


I’m actually quite tall for a woman. :wink:
Joking aside: I don’t work for fairphone, but you can read an official statement here:


hello giant women - thanks for the information and your help…


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