My battery got wet and won't charge

Hi Folks

On a recent bike ride, i was using my fairphone 3+ as a sat nav. despite a screen protector and phone case, my phone got wet in a short but heavy shower. The phone still works (I tested it with my partner’s battery) but my battery has died and will not charge. Any tips to salvage it, or am i looking at a new battery?

Hi and welcome to the forum

I doubt you can salvage the battery if you have already dried it. However it may just be discharged and if the bottom module is not functioning then you can’t charge it to find out if it’s OK

  • Check your battery’s voltage; it will require 3.6V to boot the phone and 3.8V to run for some hours.

  • Try charging your partner’s battery in your phone. If that works then yes you will require a new battery.

  • Don’t try your battery in your partner’s phone as it could be risky unless you have above 3V and then you may be able to charge it. Another indication that the bottom module may be faulty.


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