My 1+ year review of Fairphone 3

That is a very good point actually, thank you! I’ll make sure to ask that as well. I’ll also have a bit of a mishmash of colours then since the back cover is transluscent, which I think I’ll like :slight_smile:.

even if there might be improvement in handling, overall I dont think your are really treating it bad or unnormal, mine is treated quite similar ;-). Still 1 single very unfortunate drop can for sure break something. I would def. chase the repair centre to get a good explanation what is broken and what they will be replacing and why.


Dear Individual-IT
Thank you for this description of your experience with the FP 3. I love that smartphone too and it offers all the opportunities I need - without using a Google-account. But I have a special question: How is your experience using the FP 3 for navigation on your motorcycle? Is it stable enough to withstand the vibrations of the motor? My plan is to fix it at the handlebar with a bracket (SP-connect).
Have a good time and be always safe riding your bikes!

I don’t think that is a reasonable statement
a) the OP doesn’t even most most people let alone those with an FP3
b) I imagine that 90% of the authors hear are complainers and most buyer of the FP3 are not voiced here.
c) I have three in the family with no such issue with signal, though there was a similar issue for a while, but I have had that occasional on Nokia and Samsung

Note that the FP3 is not available but if you are really interested in the FP3+ there is one on sale today on the forum for an very low price.

Just to make sure we are on the same page: I’m riding a small 150cc dual sport bike in Nepal. So the vibrations from the motor are not the biggest issue for me. Its rather the vibrations from the roads. So depending on your bike and conditions it might be very different.
Also I don’t do it on a regular basis but only from time to time, but so far I had no issue at all. Also doing the same on a montainbike.
I’m using the FINN to attach the phone to the handlebars (both cycle and motorbike) That gives a bit of silicon between the phone and the handlebars, so that might also help

Maybe I have to rephrase it to be more precise: most people I talked to over Signal, at the time of writing the article, would complain that they hear themselves when talking to me
I tested it in January with a Huawei phone and the issue was fixed at the time see: Add Fairphone 3 to AEC blacklist · Issue #10466 · signalapp/Signal-Android · GitHub
But I got other complains later. As I recently updated to Android 11 I would have to try again.

I totally agree with you that most people who write reviews are those with bad experience, that is exactly why I wanted to raise my voice with my (mostly) positive experience, but still I didn’t want to hide the negative.

I actually would like to edit the original post, because I solved e.g. the fingerprint issue by putting a clear tape over it and registering the finger multiple times, now I use it all the time.


Dear Artur,

thank you very much for your answer! I think we’re on the same page. :slight_smile: Therefore your informations are helpful for me. I’m riding a bicycle as well as a motorbike (CB 750) in Germany. So I will try it wiith a handlebar for the navigation.

Have a good time and many greetings to Nepal