Music's stop when unlocking FP4

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

When I unlock my FP4 sadly the music playing on Spotify stops for no reason. The same when I open Googlemaps. It then continues after a second. It happens with different earphones.

Somebody else experienced the same?

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That seems to be a common problem, notifications interrupt playback. This Thread is 2 years old but I saw no indication that it changed recently. Maybe other Spotify users can chime in? Personally, I’m not using Spotify.


No problems for me with the FP4, Spotify and bluetooth headphones.

Maybe that’s caused by system sounds like the unlock tone? I have them disabled and the phone is usually in “Do not disturb” mode, so notifications are silent as well.


I neither have issues with spotify and my BT earphones and also have all sound silent normally, i.e. no sound when unlocking, when charging etc.

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To make this issue more confusing it actually only happened randomly. At other times there wouldn’t be an interruption of music if I unlocked the phone or received a notification. Sorry, should have mentioned that in my original post. So since I followed your instructions it didn’t happen anymore, but I can’t say if the issue is actually resolved because I turned the sound of notifications off, or if it will still occur randomly in the future. Let’s see. Anyway, thank you so far guys!

Good to hear that you found at least some workaround.
I’m fairly sure that the original problem is not caused by the phone but by the app. The thread I linked is not exclusive to Fairphone, but Spotify seems to have no interest in fixing it. Also, the podcast player I use (AntennaPod) has a setting “notifications interrupt playback” that lets you choose to have this behavior or not. If you disable it, playback does not stop but the volume is decreased while the notification sound plays. So it seems to me like the app developer can influence this if they want to…