Music/podcast stops when I go out?

Hello everyone and happy holidays!

I have an FP3+ and ever since I updated to Android 13 I have had this issue. Has anyone else experienced the same?

Whenever I leave my house and put any sound listening app (spotify, podcasts etc.) on, the sound stops mysteriously when I get far enough from my house. This happens on Spotify, podcast players and in a Finnish broadcasting company´s app that I use.

I am using Koss Porta Pro headphones (not the bluetooth ones) that has a mic and a stop/play button in the cable. Usually I should be able to put it on play/pause by pressing the button on the headphones cable but when this happens, pressing the button doesn´t work. I have to take out my phone and use the play button on the screen to resume to the song/podcast.

This happes every time I go out and start listening to something before I leave the door. It also happens approcx. within about 15 meters radius of the same exact place every time. I only have to resume to listening that one time, and after that, no matter how long I stay out, it doesn´t stop again. This doesn´t happen the other way around when I come in while listening to something.

I´ve been thinking that it has to have something to do with the phone dropping out of the WiFi network when I walk far enough from my home and that causing the music/podcast player to stop. For example the podcast app that I usually use has a feature, that if the next episode hasn´t been downloaded it warns me that listening/streaming might increase the data usage, and maybe the phone´s system is doing something similar and trying to avoid accidental streaming.

But then that happened also when I put on my headphones and Spotify in a local mall and walked out. In about 30 meters from the mall the music suddenly stopped. I am pretty sure I have never logged in to that mall´s wifi network and wasn´t logged in that time either.

Could it be that even the fact that the phone finds wifi networks messes it up?

That is a weird probleem you have!

Regarding your last question: it would be an idea to check how the phone behaves when you turn WiFi off, and then you start listening to the music or podcast, and then walk out of your home or the mall.

When the issue persists, wifi can be ruled out as the cause.

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That’s actually a good idea. I’ll try that the next time and let you know the results.

Oh, and did I mention that when I resume to the song/podcast the volume of it changes to a random level. Sometimes noticeably louder, sometimes quieter.


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