Music Player stops suprisingly while playing

Hello Fairphoners,

since one month my musicplayer stops playing randomly while i’m listening to music. Everything works propably but after a few minutes the player stops the playback and actually that means: I have to stop the bicycle, turn off my gloves and press play again, turn on my gloves and go on.

that annoys…

Has anyone an idea what could be the Problem?

Thanks in advancee

Do you have any bluetooth devices connected while this happens?

No, Bluetooth is turned on, but there is no device connected. It happens also when Im listening music with my bluetooth logitech ue boom.

Which music player are you using?
Any chance of accidentally pressing the hardware buttons (my power button gets pressed if I cycle with the phone in my pocket)?

I have tested it the last days. With Bluetooth on and off, with W-lan and with flyMode. But it in all cases it happens again. In the standard Androidplayer and in Spotify. Strange.

Have you tried to install Fairphone OS again?

no i fear the effort. do you mean this is the only solution?

Sorry, I had forgotten to add the link. :blush: It’s in the upper post now. :slight_smile:

It’s no effort at all, it will just install all system apps, including the music player, again (and you have to install Google Apps and add your account again, if you use Google Apps).


I have been having this same problem recently. I listen to music and randomly it stops playing.
Some details:

  • It happens on various music players (i have tried the standard music player and amazon music)
  • It only happens when the phone is locked
  • It doesn’t pause… it is more like the music app just closes down.

Any ideas?