Music player controls on lock screen

Is there a way to get some of the music player controls on the lock screen?
If not… I think this is a missing feature and would really enjoy seeing it coming in a (near) future release.


Hi zeropaper, have you looked into the app store? There seem to be some apps all ready.

VLC media player features a music widget on the lock screen (and also in the notification bar). You can download it through their website or using the F-Droid app store.

I wished not to install an other app just for that (as an app developer… I don’t trust other app developers… :smiley: ).

I gave a try at VLC, but it does not have that widget.

But thanks anyways.

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Maybe you tried an earlier version… VLC Version v0.9.8 certainly features a lock screen widget (you cannot select it, it is just there during music playback).

Indeed, there’s something on my lock screen.
But… it’s buggy (the widget disapear and the music stops when you hit the “next” button)


I’m using Poweramp which has lockscreen controls as well. And it’s a great music player…

I have moved this topic into the Fairphone Help! category to make it easier to find and get further helpful suggestions :smile:

+1, will be my player for a while, thanx !

The default music app has a “previous - stop - next” set of controls in the notification area on the lockscreen (swipe down).
Of course it is not as having it ready on the lockscreen, still.

I have a similar problem. With some audio apps I see something on the lock screen occasionally, but it flickers and disappears. Most times nothing appears at all while I am playing. It is maddening that such a simple and useful feature would be lacking. I looked to see if there was a lock screen widget I could add. One of my 8 audio apps has one available. The rest don’t and there are only 4 places available for lock screen widgets anyway (3 if you want to have the camera). I looked into android forums and some suggested turning notifications on. It seemed to work for people with Samsung phones but not my Fairphone. This phone is so annoying. Every simple thing you want to do is complicated and requires a 3rd party app installation, which is not very secure at all. I went back to my old iPhone that has been nearly crippled by the latest iOS and yet still it works better than this thing. I had relegated this to be the device I leave hooked up to my stereo for Pandora, Spotify, NPR One, and TuneIn radio. But no it can’t even do that properly.

This only works if you don’t have a pin/password. Also Pandora doesn’t have controls in the notification shade anymore.