Music output has gone to mono

I’ve only recently noticed that my music will only play in mono. I always had good stereo in my car when using the USB c port. I tried rebooting and turning it off for a while and restarting but to no avail. It is also in mono via Bluetooth. It does play in stereo if I connect it to my PC and allow file transfers so the media isn’t corrupted. It seems to have happened since the update to Android 13 but I’m reluctant to roll it back. Any help would be appreciated.

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Could you check Settings → Accessibility → Audio adjustment if your phone set itself to mono / balanced to one side for some reason (try both with and without a USB / Bluetooth connection) :thinking:

Does this happen with every app?


Thank you so much. That’s nailed it :grinning:
I thought I’d been through all the settings but I’d missed this.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


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