Music folder on sdcard

I have a large sdcard inserted to my FP2 and wold like to store my music on that.
Unfortunately i can not find out how to make my phone access the sdcard instead of the folder music in the fixed storage of FP2.
Do i have to download a 3rd Party app for that or is it a system setup thing?
Regards, Novski

Does your phone recognize the SD card? Can you see it in a file manager (e.g. Amaze)?
If not, you might need to format it first:
Settings–>Storage–>Erase SD card

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Ah. i should have mentioned that. pardon.
Alltrough it took me some time to understand that part, im over that and see the sdcard in Amaze and also in the app “filetransfair for Android” on my mac osx now.
Regards, Novski

I have a music folder on my sd-card and ‘google play music’ does recognize the content.

Thanks for the reply,
can you say where did you place that music folder?
My scdard i formated in the phone got this structure:

Android/data/ "every app has its own folder "
Android/media/ "is empty"

Regards, Novski

Just put a folder on your SD-Card. Most apps find your music anywhere. Or you have to choose a folder in the settings of the app you use.

Ok i downloaded 3 apps and not one found my music on the sdcard… What app are you using?

Maybe a stupid question but I’ll ask it anyway. :wink: what file format do you use for your music on the SD card? And when you start the music through your explorer - does it work? What about waiting a couple of hours? Sometimes, it takes 2-3 hours for the app to “load” the music (depending on the size of your folder).

I use VLC and it recognizes my music automatically. But it also has a build-in file manager and can play music just from folders.

Thanks for the help!
I now tried VLC and it plays my Music from sdcard only if i navigate to the sdcard directory. It didnt find it by it self
VLC just doesn’t look that good… But at least i found music!
Witch program should find the music on sdcard automaticaly?
Regards, Novski

Have you installed the Google Play or the F-Droid version? I have first tried the F-Droid version which didn’t find the music. Then I installed the Google Play version which found the music instantly. I think VLC on F-Droid is outdated.

Thank you for that info. I had it indeed from f-droid…
Regards, Novski

You can use SD Scanner (F-Droid) to rescan storage media like SD cards for changes. All your media apps will “find” your music after that.

Hi, I’ve been using an Iphone until now, so all my music is on Itunes, on a PC with Windows 10. What is the best way to play that music on my FP2?

After having tried different setups I now use Rocket Player to play music, standard Android file transfer to move music and iSyncr to move playlists from my mac to the phone. Rocket Player looks good, you can manage album art, make playlists and the songs in the albums are in the order the artist put them in (not alphabetical like in Google Play).

While I cannot exactly tell you what App to use on your Fairphone 2, you will have to locate and copy your iTunes music folders from your PC to your Fairphone 2 or (most likely:) its SD card. By folders, I do mean the actual file folders on your PC (do not launch iTunes to do this), not anything you see in iTunes when iTunes is running.

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Thanks, got it, will do it!