Music folder empty when connected to PC

Using File Manager on my PC and clicking on FP2, it shows the music folder as empty even though I have lots of music on the phone.
Help please!

Could you give more information please? Which is the OS on your PC? Which OS version do you run on your FP2? Which USB mode do you use?

I have Windows 10 on the PC and the latest OS on the FP2. USB mode is is MTP.

Hm, can you see other files and folders? If you only can see photos, maybe you accidentally put it in PTP mode…

It’s definitely in MTP mode. I can see all my photos but also my personal ringtones.

Strange. And they are on your internal phone storage and not on the external SD card?

Yes, I don’t have an SD card

OK, I’ve just checked my phone’s storage and can’t find the music on there either, but all my music appears in Google Play Music - am I being thick??

How did you put the music on your phone? Did you download it with Google Play? I never used any Google stuff but I could imagine that Play has it’s own folder for music somewhere in the file system. Or could they even be stored in the cloud? (Can you listen to your music without an internet connection?

Yes, I can listen to music, and I clicked on “Downloaded music only” in Google play. I thought I had looked in all files in File Manager on my PC but maybe I didn’t .

Sorry, yes, I transferred from PC iTunes to Google play online, so maybe it’s all in the cloud.

Hi again,

I have been busy Downloading all my music to my phone from Google (or so I thought) which took a long time. But it still doesn’t appear when I look for it on my phone’s internal storage. So where has it “downloaded” to? It must have been doing something as I’ve had a data usage warning this month which I never use!!

I’m so frustrated by this!

If I go into Music Settings on Google Play on my phone, it says that 4GB is being used by Google Play. Also, all my music has a Tick to say it has been downloaded.

If you search for a filename with a file manager (e.g. the preinstalled Amaze), it should find it and show you the folder where your music is saved to.

What file name should I be searching for?

I have just checked this and there is nothing in the music folder. It appears as if the music is not on my phone but in Google Play Music it says I have downloaded it.

I have never used Google Play Music, so I don’t know where or wether it stores the files… Maybe in the Downloads folder?

No, there are only 3 photos in there. I think I have checked every folder now…

Basically it is difficult to help, since files are always stored there, where you define it to be stored. Asking people where the files are located that you downloaded is a bit like asking people where you put your key when you came home last time.

That said, some programs have default locations, so if you did not tell your device where you want to store your files, you may find it there. I don’t know the program you were using, but usually you should find the default location in the programs documentation or FAQs.

A quick online search suggests, Google Play Music may put the files into
(note, this could be internal or external sdcard; again, depending on your settings)
others suggest its in

So maybe you can find it there.

I don’t use google play music, but the music should be stored in

The songs are named by (random) numbers.

Infos here (in german): google play music