Music as sms ringtone

how do i use a song from my music folder as sms ringtone or general notification ringtone?

Copy your song with the ‘File Manager’ to the file “Ringtones” on your ‘Internal storage’.
Please have a look at the link How do I change my ringtone.


thanks for that. i now have the song as a voice call notification but still not as sms notification. any more suggestions please ?

i had a basic Blackberry so Android is new to me. some things are much, much easier with Android other things like media were more intuitive on BB.

This is a steep learning curve for an older user

For the sms notification you have to go to the ‘messaging’ app and go to the settings within the app. There you can choose your ringtone for the sms notification.

please be patient as i’m not getting this. so i go

  1. messages

  2. settings

  3. text message …and then i’m stuck


  4. notifications

  5. ringtone…but my song isn’t in the list of ringtones

please don’t give up on me just yet

  1. messages
  2. settings
  3. Noficifations
  4. Ringtone
    Did you copied the ringtone you want for sms ringtone with the ‘File Manager’ to the file “Ringtones” on your ‘Internal storage’?

You’re on a Fairphone forum, here we look out for each other.

oh gosh i have no idea how to do that

Where is the ringtone now?

it’s in the music app

Take a deep breathe :wink:
Go to the app 'File Manager’
Tab on "Internal Storage"
Tab on "Music"
Look where you’re song is.
Tab long on the name of the song
If you tab long enough then you will get icons at the bottom of the screen.
Tab on the second icon, this is ‘copy’.
Now go back till you see “Internal Storage” again.
Tab on "Internal Storage"
Tab on "Ringtone"
Now you will see 4 icons at the bottom of the screen.
Tab on the third icon, this is ‘paste’.
And your song is now copied to the file Ringtone.
Leave the “File Manager”.
Go to
and now you should be able to choose your song.


ok, i think he did it, btw i think that there is an easier way on doing it.
if you download another file menager like es explorer when you try to change ringotnes the phone will ask you if you want to use the normal file system or the file manager that you have installed. so if you choose the new file manager like es explorer you can find the song wherever is saved

ok we’re getting there.

i’m ok up till “music” but the song doesn’t show up in “internal storage” the “music” file is empty

the song is only in the music app

progress !!!

song is in “ringtones” on “internal storage” but still doesn’t show in the ringtone list in message notifications. this has got to be me doing something silly

your instructions by the way are brilliantly clear

keep going and i’ll keep working on it here

thanks v v much

ok… may be i didn’t understand well what the problem is… you need to choose a song as ringtones or notification for message right? here is how to do it:

  1. go on play store and download “es file explorer” (should be the first result, this is the link:
    2)go on message
    3)press the left button at the left bottom of the FP (the one for settings)
    4)choose settings
    5)choose notifications
    6)choose select ringtones
  2. now a little windows will ask you if you want to use media storage or Es File Explorer, choose Es file Explorer
    8)now a new windows will show you all the folders you have in your phone so if for example this song is saved in Bluetooth folder, go in it and press on the song.
  3. Done :wink:

thankyou demetrio it’s nice that people here help out



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uhm, little problem, I can’t find the folder “ringtone”… any ideas?

Can you make a folder named “Ringtones” in “your internal storage”?
Put there your ringtone.
And at the end when you go to ‘messages’, go to settings/preferences
tick to 'enable notifications’
then tap on "Sound"
and choose your song.

(I think my original posting is to old, because I can’t edit it.)

hiya Lidwien helped me use a full song as a text notification. is this what you want? there’s a different way to do it.

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Hi Lidwien! Thx for your answer. Meanwhile I worked out something on my own :smile:
I thought of making the folder as well, but it wasn’t as easy as it seems. Well, creating a folder was peanuts, but the correct location wasn’t :slight_smile:
I saw a fodler ‘notifications’ in Internal Storage, so I made a ‘ringtones’ one there, but that didn’t work out. But then I saw another ‘notifications’ folder in Internal storage\media\audio so I made my ‘ringtones’ one over there: finally succesful :smile:

I had some minor issues as well, because I had to switch to MTP because of Unified Storage.

But as I said: it works fine now :slight_smile:

this doesn’t work with the 1.6 version of fairphone OS because my PC cannot see the amalgamated drive