(music app) How to stop playing automatically after one title?

Hi fellow fairphoners!
When I use the native Fairphone music app and select a title, automatically, it will start playing the next title when finishing the selected one.
But sometimes I only want to listen to the selected title and then the music should simply stop.
For example, when I’m listening to a title of relaxation music and want to sleep afterwards (without having to switch the music off myself, which wakes me up again).
Thanks for your suggestions!

I guess for more comfort than just playing back you have to install another app. There is e.g. vlc, mxplayer and many more to chose.

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I think the easiest way would be to locate the track title not in the music app, but in a file manager and trigger playback from there (usually by a double tap).

Alternatively: Within the music app, don’t look up the track title by going to the album, but try to use the search function in the app – look for the track title, not the album.


Hi Patrick and Urs,
works fine with VLC player and also to trigger playback in the file manager (Amaze).
In the music app, even if I select the track title not within the album, it will play the next title.
Thanks for your suggestions!


In the Music app, you can create a playlist and just add the one song to it. More of a workaround than a solution, but it produces the desired end result.

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