Murena on FP5 - already available?

I have just noticed you can order FP5 from Murena’s website and receive it by the end of September. At least in Poland:)

Is it new?

Timing is a bit ambitious as I have not yet received my FP5 ordered in August;-)

PS. It is my first new topic ever so please let me know if I messed up.


I think the best place to check if a first /e/OS version is available that is beyond the internal beta testing stage is usually:

You will see that there’s nothing yet here:

Note that these links are for the “dev” versions. Murena also releases “stable” versions (just replace the terms in the URL) for those devices Murena also sells with /e/OS pre-installed.

AFAIK preorders started simultanously with the FP5 sold directly by Fairphone, but it was communicated from the very beginning that it will take a few more weeks to finish the /e/os port. I expect Murena will release an additional announcement once they actually start shipping devices.


There is a community test session for FP5


Interestingly enough, I could add a phone to cart and proceed to checkout with no clear indication of the delivery time. The only indication that it is not there yet was the information on back-order availability

Yeah, it was pretty clear when they initiated the preorder phase with their announcement on August 30th, but I agree that it has become a little confusing since Fairphone itself started shipping on September 14th.

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Awesome! Good spot. That’s what I was waiting for. I will try it right now!

Cool, let us know if you find any bugs please.

Flashing worked exactly as described. Will start using it now.


First day using this as my daily driver worked very well! Didn’t notice any incomplete features, only the always-on display seems to be missing. Great!


It is not offer in the United State of America?

Not yet at least. The FP4 is though. All current information regarding the FP5 availability in the US can be found at: Murena Fairphone 5 availability – Murena – deGoogled phones and services. I suppose some modifications will be necessary to ensure proper compatibility with US networks. Both Fairphone and Murena are not a huge companies (when compared to other Smartphone manufacturers), so they have limited support capacity and their primary market is in Europe, so I guess it’ll take some time until necessary adaptions can be made.

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Quick update: Still using that first build I flashed on Sep 28 on my FP5 and I’m very content!

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