Murena FP4 and MyFairphone app

Hello. I purchased the Murena FP4, which is being shipped to me right now, and I was wondering if it retains the MyFairphone app? I’ve watched two reviews of this phone on YT and tried to spot the app, but it looks to me as if it’s not included. Would I be able to download it?



Welcome to the Fairphone community.

As far as I know, the My Fairphone app is only available with the Fairphones stock Android.


In theory, you can manually install any app from an .APK file by enabling “unknown sources”.

From my own experience, that works fine most of the time except if some dependency is not fullfilled…

If you would like to give it a try, tell me and I’ll send you the APK by mp :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ve wanted a FP from when I first read about them years ago, but I’m in the US and I knew it might have been trouble making that work. This version had me excited.

I’m in over my head haha. I had to look up the meaning of APK. I have an idea now. Also, what is mp? Thanks ahead of time.


I just send you a download link by private message(*) :slight_smile:

Having made some tests with my friend @urs_lesse , everything in the “My Fairphone” app should work except the Device Info menu

Have a nice day,

(*) I misspelled mp (“message privé” in french) instead of pm (“private message” in english) :wink:


Thanks a lot, Olivier.

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