Multiple problems with nightmare FP 1

Five years old but has had problems for the last two - really since support was withdrawn. I went back to a very old Nokia 18 months ago in desperation.
Now the FP1 must go so I thought I could return it for recycling.
Filled in relevant form but rejected as IMEI 1 invalid. Only it isn’t. Not only is the number inside the phone but I also have the original box.

Sorry, probably a dumb question.
Have you tried IMEI 2?

Do you still have a Fairphone account?
I just checked mine and the category:
-> My serial numbers
There is listed only one IMEI for my FP2, the IMEI 1.

Maybe (doubtfully) that was different for the FP1?
At least if you have this entry for your FP1 this number should work.
Otherwise I can only advise you to contact support.

I wonder what the form actually does - it will certainly validate the checksum digit (the last digit of an IMEI code, which is calculated using by applying an order-dependent formula to the other 14 digits), which catches any typos (or any input that isn’t an IMEI number). If it is coded correctly, it should only say invalid when the checksum is wrong. Double check you have 15 digits in total, and haven’t swapped any digits around (I’ve seen enough cases in the ‘sell’ section of the forum where this happens, it’s easy to do).
If that doesn’t work, it would be interesting if the form actually does check background databases (and which ones), though that doesn’t help you in getting through the form. I can only agree that contacting support is the way to go - let us know if they tell you more about what’s going on!

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