Multiple Problems with Fairphone 2 and no response to help request

I am based in the UK, and experiencing multiple problems with my Fairphne 2 (which was actually a replacement for another Fairphone 2 that constantly shut down!)
Anyone else experiencing these problems? And anyone managed to solve them?:

  • Since I installed an update, I can’t add a location to my instagram posts.
  • The phone (still) switches off at random times, although less often than the first phone.
  • The sound vibrates/poor quality sound.
  • Sometimes when I am on a call the screen goes blank so I can’t choose a numbered option or end the call, without taking the battery out the back of the phone.
  • The display is disordered (though that might be down to me not knowing how to organise it!).
  • It is not charging smoothly and doesn’t always register the charger.
  • Lack of access to help/response from Fairphone
    Having paid for this phone - and paid so much - I really expect it to be working without any problems!

Please use the search function. For many of your problems threads already exist and some have solutions, others have workarounds.

I’d guess that’s a permission settings issue.

Does it switch off or reboot?

This is a known issue with the proximity sensor. Just clean the glass in front of the sensor and then go to Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor and follow the instructions to recalibrate.

Do you mean the home screen icons or the screen itself? Maybe a screenshot could help.

Charging issues are common too and are usually solved by using the right charging equipment.

If they don’t answer your support request within a reasonable time frame usually something went wrong and it’s best to call them.

I know this puts more load on the support staff, but it might help to simply start a second request. Sometimes a request “gets lost“.

Understandably. Can you Check if you are on the latest Version of Fairphone OS? Check the “Updater“ App.

Paul already offered a lot of help. In general, could be more specific about your issues, that makes it easier for the community to help. For example[quote=“Anna2, post:1, topic:32097”]
I can’t add a location to my instagram posts.
can mean so many different thinks.

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