Multiple issues with my 2017 FP2

After almost 5 years my FP2 has developed all kinds of problems:

  1. While charging the touchscreen doesn’t respond most of the time. The screen starts responding again after unplugging the charger.
  2. The phone is extremely slow, although there is plenty of space, or after emptying the cache and even after a factory reset. The January 2022 update made it even slower.
  3. Spotify stops a lot and when I try to open other apps while playing Spotify, Spotify will stop right away.

I hope there are some solutions for this problems. 5 years is a lot for a mobile phone I guess, but I would like to keep it running for many more years from the point of sustainability.

You say you’ve done a factory reset, but have you tried reflashing the OS at any point? I’ve had slowdowns after an update that could only be resolved by reflashing.

My FP2 runs snappy as ever and there’s no reason, barring any hardware defects, why yours shouldn’t too.


This might be caused by the USB cable and/or charger. Have you tried other ones?

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Hello Robert, no, I never reflashed the OS. How can I do that?

This describes the procedure:

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Actually, I do use different kinds (and combinations) of chargers. I am going to try some the next days and find if there are any differences. Thank you.

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I am going to try this! I understand this is not something to try quickly, so I’ll do it on a free day. I will let you know the result.

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That is probably wise, but let me assure you: The instructions appear complicated and detailed at first sight, but the actual procedure doesn’t take a lot of time. A lot of the instructions are actually about just making sure the prerequisites on your computer are met – and in some cases, they are already given.

I think you didn’t restore a backup after the factory reset but installed from scratch?
Can you define “slow” with any kind of numbers? My FP2 is also becoming slower than at the beginning (even after a factory reset) but I still wouldn’t call it “extremely slow”. I assume apps are often much more demanding for RAM than 5 years ago…

I’ve tried but I got stuck in some stage:

First my computer only saw an unknown device, Then I found a driver om my computer I perhaps could use:

I followed the procedure but then I got stuck again. The program said "no device found in fastboot mode " etc.

Retried I couple op times, downloaded the file again but it doesn’t work.

Can it be that I miss the right driver for my FP2 on my computer?


Well, sometimes 10 sec before starting a light app, google chrome taking seconds for every character I type. Links won’t open for mor than 10 seconds. But I guess you are right that apps become more demanding. But I keep trying to find something to make it quicker.

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Sounds like you are lucky enough to still have the first revision of the screen. Mine had the same issues, but after I replaced it (it had areas that didn’t respond to touch anymore at all, even without charger) I got a newer revision and since then the issue is gone (it’s charging while I’m writing this). Somewhere in the forum the difference is shown and there are discussions about the charging issue, too. Different chargers didn’t make a big difference for me.

That has become worse and worse and I’m convinced that this is a Spotify issue with the app using more and more memory for basic operations. I can use other apps in parallel that are not too demanding. I usually either listen to Spotify or do something else, so it doesn’t affect me too much luckily. But I totally understand the issue. Try to limit the number of apps that are active (background activity counts, too).

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