Multiple apps don't work on FP3+

qfile, denon avr remote, mikrotik, Image Edge Mobile, Voltcraft and a few worked fine on my FP2 but stop working or don’t even start on my new FP3+. Is this normal?

Doesn’t sound normal.
Since you mention you had those Apps on your Fairphone 2 … Did you install the Apps from their respective sources again on the Fairphone 3+, or did you restore a backup of some sort, or did you extract APK files of the Apps on the Fairphone 2 and then install them on the Fairphone 3+?


And in complement to @AnotherElk’s question, did you try to restore a data partition from TWRP from your FP2 on your FP3+? Because that’s rather a bad idea.
Or were they saved through your Google account and restored on your FP3+ when you connected it to it?
In any case, did you try uninstalling and reinstalling each of these apps?

I removed the 32GB Toshiba M302 SD card and all is fine.

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