MTP: lost files while move via Window10s on Android devices - Fairphones affected?

Apparently there is an Android with Windows10 issue for a great deal of many phones out there, there is a thread at reddit at

when the user tries to cut/paste aka move files around on an mtp accessed Android device.

Is Fairphone of any incarnation and software version affected by this bug? People also speak about some different operating systems accessing the android device, but major combination is with Windows10.

Any insights? Thanks.

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As far as i know, yes. It seems to be a Windows 10 bug.

Btw: This only happens when you move files on the device. Not from or to. :slight_smile:


I can only recommend: use anything else on Android, but not MTP: FTP via network, SSHFS via termux, external sdcards, cloud drives, etc.

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