MS Teams videocalls experience

I have had it discussed before but only on USB-adapter side.
Now I am not using wired headset, just the bluetooth one and had no issues with that
recently I had to make some work calls with the phone and I encountered issues, I could not hear the caller in the headset, just from the phone speaker, the camera was not really working, etc.

Anyone has good experience with MS teams calls? The app works flawlessly in all the other regards.

Edit. I checked with the USB-adapter and wired headset and the experience was much better. I could hear the caller in my headset, and he heard me using the mic. Perhaps there is some setting to make sure the app uses bluetooth?

My bad. It looks like nothing FP specific, ms teams android bluetooth not working - Google Zoeken

Update. It was enough to clear the storage and restart the app. Consider the issue solved:)