Moving topics and questions from old to new forum

There was quite a lot of activity on ‘the old’ forum. I imagine a lot of community members and participants don’t want to lose it.

You can access it here:

Let’s see if there are particular questions or topics people want to help move from the old to the new. How should we go about doing this?

@anon90052001 Is it an idea to move questions which have an useful answer. Specially questions about “how can I …”

If it’s possible to move questions from the old forum to the new forum, is difficult to answer.
Perhaps a moderator could copy and paste old questions.

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@anon90052001 there are a lot of duplicate questions and answers out there, so I guess it’s a long job if you tried to move everything. There are also questions which relate to FP OSv1 & 1.1/1.2 which aren’t relevant anymore.

How many topics are on the old forum? Might be useful to categorise them into help questions, general information, feedback on FP1 and ideas and bugs to be fixed.

Moderators could copy paste the old questions and then the most useful answer/information to go along with it - but if we split them down first we could all look at what is most important to be moved over from each category.

I think it makes sense to copy particular interesting Questions by hand.

I guess it’s better to add any really important information from the old forum to the FAQ page on the support pages. I guess with the second batch of Fairphones being shipped now, new owners will end up asking the same questions again so those questions will inevitably surface up (and get answered) on this forum again.