Move App to MicroSD

Hi all, I recently joined the Fairphone family too! :slight_smile:
I ask for help to move the apps on the microsd card.
I installed Fairphone Open OS, partitioned the microsd with a 20gb partition in ext4 and another 12gb in FAT32 and installed the Link2SD app, but I can not move the apps.
Where am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Afaik that won’t work out this way nder Android 6. You’ll habe to Format the SD card as internal memory (instead of external storage) to be able to save apps on it.

There is more info in the #sdcardguide.

Sure … thanks to both for the answer! :slight_smile:
However I hoped that there was the possibility to partition the sd card in two: a part of internal memory and the other as external memory …
I can live with that … :wink:

Hello everyone!
Now I have been using FP2 for several days and … I feel really good! :slight_smile: An Android experience never before experienced!

By the way, however, of Fairphone OS and microsd: I formatted a 32gb microsd as internal memory, and I moved some apps, like Facebook and CCleaner, but Aptoide does not update them, I have to move them in the phone’s memory. According to you is normal?
Ah with Google Play Store, however, it updates me even if they are in the microsd …
Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Hello to all,
sorry if I update this discussion, not only because I could not find an answer :disappointed:, but also because I found that any store that is not Google Play, I do not update the apps that I moved on the sd card … :confused:
Does anyone have an idea?

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