Mouse-functionality in Android 6 (or Android 5)

Hey everybody,

here I would like to ask a question concerning mouse-functionality on fairphone2. (I placed this question in the Android 6 category, because Android 6 seems to be the future of fairphone’s OSs. My question, however, applies equally well to Android 5.)

As you can read in my personal introduction, I would like to control a fairphone2 via a mouse cursor. (Most people might not even know, that a smartphone can be operated via a common mouse. It is analogous to how you operate a desktop PC with a mouse.)

As far as I know mouse-functionality is implemented in standard distributions of Android version 5 and later. For example, if one plugs (with help of an adequate USB-adapter) an usual USB-mouse into a Samsung Galaxy S6, then a mouse cursor appears on the smartphone-screen and everything can be done via the mouse.

Now, my question is whether the mouse-functionality is available in the fairphone’s OS, too?
Especially, is the mouse-functionality available in the fairphone’s Android 5?
And, will the mouse-functionality be implemented in the upcoming Android 6?

To check, whether mouse-functionality is integrated in your fairphone, you just have to connect a usual mouse via a USB-to-Micro-USB-adapted to the fairphone’s micro-USB-port. Then, either a mouse cursor appears on the screen and can be controlled via the mouse (in this case mouse-functionality is available) or nothing happens (in this case mouse-functionality is not included in the present OS).

It would be great if either the developers or some fairphone-users could give me feedback concerning the above stated questions! :relaxed:

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Nice question :+1:
I got me a USB OTG adapter for connecting storage earlier, but I didn’t even think of connecting mouse and keyboard.

I can confirm that using an USB OTG adapter a wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard combo works for me without problem using Fairphone Open OS 17.03 (Android 5.1).


Hi Tuvok,
I am using FP2 with Open OS, so until now I can’t have Android Marshmellow and can’t say anything obout its funktionality.
With Android 5.1 I do work with an external (I-phone) bluetooth keybord and a bluetooth mouse. I have two bluetooth mouses, one works with the fp2, the other one don’t. To use bluetooth devices is advantageous for me because it leaves the USB connection free for charging the phone at the same time. But it works as well with USB devices (I proved it with an USB mouse).


I have tested it (with an USB mouse), and it worked well.

I have it tested again (with Android 6.0) now, and it still works well.


AnotherElk, Heiner and tofra, thanks a lot for your experimenting! This gives me confidence that it will also work with a wheelchair’s remote-mouse.

@ Heiner
I agree with you that a mouse connection via bluetooth is a better solution. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of my wheelchair’s remote-mouse didn’t consider that and decided for using a USB-connection.

@ tofra
Wow, you have already tried this earlier. I haven’t found your post in the hardware extensions topic.


Same here, July Patch Android 6, FP2, with some chinaware micro usb hub, otg functionality, attached some wired usb mouse logitech or something, mouse cursor shows up pretty much immediately. Works as intended.


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