Market to business, lawyers, student! Parts recommendation!

  1. A fast, good low light (think nikon d700) capable FAST focusing camera for making PDF documents. With software for making such document. A PDF mode on the camera should work like this. First you hit the PDF symbol. Then a number appears at the top of the screen. The first number is usually “1”, but this can be changed by the user. You take as many pics as you need for the first page. When done… or should I say when you think you have at least one good pic for the pdf page, you hit the number so that it changes to a “2” and then start taking you next pics and so on… Then when you are done with that all the pics you have taken are under the appropriate associated number. So you go under the gallery and chose the best example of each page. Then you hit “compile” and it compiles them, the chosen examples of each page, into a PDF document. AND KEEPS THEM IN ORDER UNLIKE MOBISYSTEMS SOFTWARE!!!

  2. I needs huge storage capacity. It would be nice to have multiple high capacity card storage option. It would also be nice to be able to use either full size or micro sd cards. Full size have much better capacity and I would prefer them.

  3. It needs band 12 in the U.S. In fact it should allow multiple sims, and should have ALL bands.

  4. needs LOTS of ram for multi tasking. I hate it when my Kaspersky crashes because the phone is weak.

  5. It should charge rapidly even when being used.

  6. Being able to use an open source version of linux, with a touch screen interface would be nice, so that this could be like a portable computer instead of just some silly smart phone. I am somehwat sick of androids limitations.

  7. I should be conectable to a monitor via cable. As well as to a keyboard and mouse.

  8. It should be capable of burning blu rays and dvds, at least with a portable burner that plugs into a wall socket. Sometimes I need to give people copies of data on disk.

This would make fairphone serious and superior to what is currently available.

In truth this should be the birth of a new computer form factor. Nano ATX? Whether done modularly or with fairphone 3.

  1. A toilet and washing machine proof case. A DURABLE case of such capabilities would be nice. Don’t follow the Life Proof design. It should be tight, durable plastic sleeve that slips on.

Also, it would be much easier to type in this forum if the box showing what I am typing was tall as the screen instead of 2 lines tall.

Well, we can dream, can we … just take care that it doesn’t turn out like The Homer :slight_smile:

1 … Sounds nice, someone should do that.

2 … Could be done via USB OTG?

3 … Define multiple, space is limited in a smartphone. Perhaps software SIMs will come to the rescue in that regard, but it probably will be harder to transfer them to another device if needed.

4 … Did you consider it could be Kaspersky’s fault? Crashes are not entirely a function of specs :slight_smile: . Apart from that, smartphone specs will always be better in the future, and then better specs will partly get eaten up by new OS features and more demanding Apps and more stuff running in the background. Following your logic nowadays there should be no such thing as a PC feeling slow and lagging when you compare current PC specs to those of maybe 10 years ago, but somehow that still is perfectly possible :slight_smile: .

5 … Battery technology and charging is already pressed towards the edge currently (and beyond, see exploding devices). Given time, it will get better …

6 … You already can opt to use Sailfish OS or Ubuntu Touch on a Fairphone 2. So it is a matter of the device in question being open enough for different OSes and somebody taking on the task of porting them to the device. And if you want to have a portable computer, you can have that already, see next point.

7 … Keyboard and mouse already work via USB OTG. I don’t know about monitors, there are some which can be connected via USB, that should be a driver thing then. But if you want to have cables, that would mean more ports. I don’t see that happening much with smartphones, there are small factor computers which will do that for you (e.g. the a bit crappily built and supported but otherwise very charming Gole1).

8 … Sure, why not, connection via USB OTG, driver and burning software thing then.

9 … Doable, but I wonder about the price tag …

Let’s compromise and meet at half of the screen size, it’s better for replying and quoting :wink:


The box is already half of the screen when visiting the forum on a phone, right? That is, the whole screen except for the keyboard. Or are you talking about landscape mode which is indeed not usable?

Thanks for asking, but I personally am perfectly fine, especially so after @paulakreuzer pointed out that you can easily change the size yourself.

Trying to compromise was just my way of pointing towards [quote=“Supercrap, post:1, topic:30165”]
the box showing what I am typing was tall as the screen
being kind of unpractical in my opinion :wink: .

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