"Mount SD Card" transfer option after Marshmallow update


Back when we were on Lollipop, we had 4 options when pluging our FairPhone to a computer : MTP, PTP, Charging, and Mount SD Card. I used a lot that last one : it allowed to access the SD Card with a much much faster speed than MTP, which was really precious when transferring big chunks of data. The counterpart was that only the SD card was connected to the computer, you couldn’t access internal storage (but you could still switch to MTP if you wanted to do that).

Now with Marshmallow, there are still 4 options, but not the same ones : MTP, PTP, Charging, and MIDI. The “Mount SD Card” I used all the time seems to be gone now. This is a problem for me, as not only transfer speed will be longer now, but my principal issue is that I can’t do anymore the following thing that I used to do a lot : I often plugged my phone on a computer, put it in “Mount SD Card” mode, and directly read on my computer (very) big videos that are stored on the sd card. The fast speed allowed for the video to be read directly on the card, without any transfer required. Now, I have to go through MTP, and can’t do that anymore : when trying to read on the computer a video stored on the sd card through MTP, the computer starts to copy the video to its temp folder as it’s unable to read it directly on the sd card. Needless to say, for videos that are severals Go big, that is a huge inconvenience.

So far I am really disappointed by the update. Many features I used are either gone or altered, I think I can deal with all the other ones, but this one I don’t see a (suitable) workaround and I will really miss it. Did I miss anything with this new version? Is there any way to mimic the previous “Mount SD Card” behaviour somewhere hidden in the options that I missed? Thank you very much !

My understanding is that Google no longer supports USB Mass Storage Mode. This kinda explains things https://www.howtogeek.com/192732/android-usb-connections-explained-mtp-ptp-and-usb-mass-storage/

Although less convenient you can always take the SD card out and use it in a SD card reader (if you have one). That’s the way I’ve always transferred large amounts of data

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Thank you for your answer Chris. My Fairphone was my SD card reader, I bought my first SD card for it and don’t own a dedicated reader (but I might be getting one now). Thanks to the article you linked, I now get why they abandoned mass storage.

After a full week of using my phone after the update, I think I found in it more upsides (performance, speed, new features …) than drawbacks, so I’m finally quite happy with the update. I guess I’ll have to live with the removal of mass storage connection, and either use MTP or a SD card reader.

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