Motherboard oxided doesn't charge battery

Hi everybody

My Fairphone2 doesn’t charge any battery.
I buy a battery, a back module anche changed both, but nothing good.
And now also the new battery has no more charge to test the phone more.
So, anyone know how and where I can find a motherboard? Even used is good
The official shop has no motherboard as spare part.
Thank you

Your title said your motherboard has oxidised - is this indeed the case? I’m just asking as the rest of your post doesn’t mention it.

If you can provide a description (or better yet a photograph) of the damage, maybe we can help you repair your motherboard. If it’s just some oxidised contacts it may be a matter of a quick scrub or scrape to get things to make contact again.


There are universal smartphone battery chargers . (Example fitting for the Fairphone 2 battery)

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Thank you rmf.

I contacted the official support and sent the phone to the repair center and in the decsription of the quote was written “Electronic card oxided”, and they provide me a quote of 390 euro. But ther is no visible contact oxided in the motherboard so I thought that the oxided part was not in the battery contact.

thank you very much AnotherElk. This is a real possibility, the problem is to open the phone every time the battery discharge.

It’s probably not the battery contact, as a full battery still gets the phone to power on. You’ve switched out the bottom module, so it’s not the USB port or any of the other circuitry on that module… so the question remains which part is damaged.

have you disassembled the core module so you can look at the motherboard from all sides? These companies don’t service the core module, and AFAIK the only way to positively identify oxidation is visually, so unless the company didn’t properly diagnose the board, oxidation has to be visible somewhere.

Please tell me if the potential repair of the board is not something you want to pursue - repairing electronics is not for everyone, after all.

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