Most of my numbers show up as "unknown" when being called

I hate “unknown” callers as it already is, but I’ve recently discovered that these are numbers from close family/friends that I’ve been ignoring and am now having to answer without knowing who it is that I’m picking up the phone too — even though these are people that are saved in my phone’s contact app.

Getting a bit concerned because I only picked up my 3+ in January, and it’s been having a few issues with the fingerprint sensor. Is there a fix, or is my unit just a bit wrong?

Search for the fingerprint sensor, one workaround is to cover it with a transparent piece of sellotape to reduce sensitivity.

Also ensure you store not just multiple fingers but slightly different aspects of the ones you use.

Regarding the contacts, again search for such topics etc.

Have you tried using in safe mode, which disables any custom apps you have installed than may interfere.

Please check you haven’t formatted an SD card as internal

Which phone/contact apps are you using etc.

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And have a look at the permissions of your diqler app. Can it access your contacts?

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Software of your phone is up to date? There was a bug in older versions, not showing the caller number.

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It does! It’s just the standard Google Dialler/Google Contacts combo — but they both seem to be talking with each other…

Latest version of Android & Security update :pensive:

The fingerprint sensor reads ok, it just doesn’t do anything like the pull-down for the notification menu.

Contacts are saved locally in the Google Contacts app, and the Google Phone dialler has permission to read these. I haven’t yet tried using the phone in safe mode, though, so will give this a go.

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Still showing as “Unknown” in Safe Mode.

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You have the contacts saved to the phone, you can also save some to the SIM card to see if that changes anything.

Are you accessing them via the contacts app as well as the phone app?

There’s an app called Dumbphone Assistant which can help read and move contacts,

Maybe try another phone app, like simple mobile tools. Or try to clear the cache of the installed phone app, via settings-apps-phone app Can you access all contacts from phone app at outgoing calls? Do you use Wifi Calling?

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Just thought I’d add that I use Simple Mobile Tools and I have this same problem.

It started “a few” months ago, but I often fiddle with the settings, so I thought I’d disabled something myself.

So, in short, this is either an OS update, or a setting, but I don’t think it’s a specific application.

Ah… looks like it’s “4G Calling” that’s the problem

I found this:
“UNKNOWN” caller ID problem

I called my FP3+ from another phone with that option turned on… had “Unknown”… disabled the option, called again and now it shows the contact details correctly.

This option is on the SIM card, so Settings–>Network & Internet–>Mobile Network–>4G Calling.

Hopefully it’ll work for you too @waaGB

Edit: Re: Fingerprint sensor, yeah, just make sure you scan 1 finger at loads of different angles - when I was setting up mine it was rubbish to begin with, but I rescanned by just picking up the phone and touching the sensor in a slightly different angle as if I was using it “normally” and it’s much better now.

(I did the same for another finger on the other hand)

Yeah, it’s still a bit hit & miss, but, yeah… it’s ok :slight_smile:


The “Unknown” caller thing seems to have recitifed itself on my phone, weirdly.

I downloaded the “Simple Phone” app from Fdroid, which displayed contacts fine, and then switched back to the Google Dailler and it’s all showing again — bit weird, but I’m glad it’s just the software being silly and nothing to do with my carrier etc.

Fingerprint sensor has always worked for scanning my finger; it’s the “dragging down for notifications” panel that has never worked, if you know any software fixes* for that. Using the phone’s inbuilt tester software also detects and error when it comes to the fingerprint reader, too.

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You mean, just pulling down the top panel, where the wifi, bluetooth, battery, etc are shown… and below that, seeing your calendar events / messages?

That’s always worked for me - ie using my finger on the screen.

If you mean using the fingerprint sensor to do that… I didn’t even know that was a thing

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