Most Ethical Alternative to Fairphone?

I love everything the Fiarphone stands for…but I live in the United States.

As I’m sure you all know, Fairphone doesn’t aim to sell/support the U.S. at this time. When I inquired further upon the release of the Fairphone 3, one of their employees responded that they do wish to scale up, but that may take a while.

Makes sense…but my iphone 6S Plus is starting to show its age. I hope to get another 6-12 months out of it, but would love some feedback on whats the next best thing to a Fairphone.

There’s not much info on it yet (pre-crowdfunding phase) but I stumbled over this project in a recent iFixit article.


Be careful though with MediaTek P60 processor. MediaTek often means no official Linux support, so the developers will have to backport everything to some ancient Linux kernel version. They may give 4 years hardware warranty, but will they give 4 years up-to-date software support?


And this is not a modular phone. I’m not so geek to tell you about the end product but they will ship it with Android 9. Will they release an open source version?

I don’t know if Shiftphones are shipped to the US:
They offer shipment to Europe and “some more countries”

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From the specifications of the Shift 6m

  • Hinweis : Das SHIFT6m besitzt ein CE-Zertifikat und ist innerhalb der EU ohne Einschränkungen nutzbar. Darüber hinaus ist es natürlich auch weltweit einsetzbar (z.B. auf Reisen), jedoch kann es bei einigen Ländern mit FCC oder anderen Zertifizierungen (USA, Südamerika, …) nach einigen Monaten zu Problemen mit dem Mobilfunkanbieter kommen.

:uk: (translation is my own; all errors are completely intentional and protected by my copyright :wink: ®)
Attention : The SHIFT6m is CE-certified and can be used throughout the EU without any limitations. Apart from that, it can of course be used worldwide (e.g. when travelling), but in some countries requiring FCC or other certification (USA, South America, …) there can be trouble with the carrier after a few months time.

An example for those troubles with FCC certification from Colombia with regard to the FP1 can be followed in this thread:

So check first, if your carrier will deactivate your not FCC-certified device (via the IMEI) after some time.


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