More tag suggestions to make tagging (a little) easier

Currently when you create a topic (or edit one) and tap in the tags field you get the 5 most used tags as suggestions.

It looks like this:

I think up to nine suggestions would easily fit (even on mobile - at least if you hide the keyboard which you have to do anyway to see more than 3 tags) and that could help make tagging easier.

Currently the top tags are:

  • top 5 (currently included)
  • top 9
  • I’d suggest removing #openos and #fp2 (at least from most topics tagged that way as this is mostly already defined by the category and/or title), then the following would also be included:

Tagging topics with flags is not easy if the tag is not among the suggestions. You need an emoji plugin or copy paste the emoji from somewhere.
If we change things according to my suggestions than all commonly used languages would be included in the suggested tags.

So what do you think?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Ok I’d like a little more feedback on this before I ask the admins to go forward with it.
What do e.g. the other @moderators think?

That’s a good idea taking #openos and #fp2 out of the top 9.

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Fine by me.
The only alternative that I can come up with is having the language tags follow a format like lang:en, which would allow easier searching for them (as the ‘lang:’ part can be typed more easily). This isn’t the prettiest solution, however, and getting rid of some over-used tags that have lost most of their value seems the better approach.

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Ok so I reduced the amount of posts with the #openos tag by renaming the tag to “deletethistag”. Then I selected topics that are not too old and are not in the #software:fp-open category and appended the openos tag to them. Then I deleted the deletethistag tag.
I’ll do the same with the #lineageos tag (removing it from #software:alt-lineageos topics). But I think the #fp1 and #fp2 tags can be removed completely, right?

Maybe not for #hardware topics, although I never use these tags anyway. (To be honest I don’t really use tags at all, so my opinion is probably not of much value. :grin: )

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Ok I left a few #fp2 topics tagged.

@anon83519835 or @Douwe could you now set the tag suggestions limit to 9? AFAIK it’s a simple setting somewhere in the admin settings and I believe it is called max_tag_search_results. Thanks! :slight_smile:

do did done…


Great thanks.
I had expected that it could display 9 tags without scrolling, but it seems to scroll with 6+ tags. I think it’s great that way though or does someone have concerns?

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