More phone reboot since FP Open

Since I changed to FP Open I have around 3-4 unexpected Phone-reboots per day. With the normal OS It was only three per week.

I’m now able to force a reboot if I force a soft pressure on the phone. Since the update I have because of this problems with carrying the phone in the trouser pocket.

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This indicates a hardware issue rather than anything to do with the software. The co-occurance with switch to FP open could be coincidental rather than causative. Try disassembling and reassembling the phone into the separate module to see if this improves matters - if it doesn’t contact Fairphone support and mention that your phone reboots if you apply pressure to it (as Fairphone staff can assess whether it is potentially hardware defect that would mean a warranty replacement).


I got a complete new side of the problem.
Since I needed the flight mode I got the eye on a new Problem. On every reboot after wakeup the clock has a random time and date between 01.01.1970 an 13.01.1970. without the Flight-mode I only get some time certificate errors with the strange year of 1970. That wasn’t really a problem until flight-mode because of the network time the phone get.

The reboot because of a pressure never again appear since I removed the display temporary to show other the repairing ability. At moment I’m able to live with the 1970 error. It’s not that I need the flight-mode together with a reboot very often

That’s a know bug, see here (incl. a workaround):

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