More Info: Occasional issues in activating screen of my fp5

Hi all,
some additional info on the “Occasional issues in activating screen of my fp5” issue:
For me the screen activation always fails when the phone is locked in landscape mode. Seems consistent with “Happens when using YouTube.”.


Can you add some info? Like, what is your power button configured to do? Assistant or power? Does it happen when you try to reactivate immediately, or only after a longer time?

I only have this with YouTube Music. It’s a common issue on all phones. People are complaining about it for a long time. I use YouTube a lot, I haven’t seen it yet with videos.

I’d try to reproduce but I don’t have YT music.

Couldn’t immediately reproduce with normal YT or with a browser in landscape mode.

I only have it with YT Music, and it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s sometimes stuck. Then you have to do the back gesture and then it’s normal again.

Where would I configure the power button? I use Android in German.

I can reproduce the behavior by locking the screen in landscape mode (even without any actual app running), waiting for ~3 sec. and trying to unlock. The screen will stay black until I at least rotate the screen. Sometimes an additional button press will help.

And what do you do to ‘try to unlock’?

by the way, I don’t know how to do it in German, but you configure the power button from settings > system > gestures > press & hold power button. There you can choose between Power menu & Digital assistant (no idea why Digital assistant is the default, that’s a terrible choice).


Here is a German topic reg auto rotate and freezes

We are aware of the issue (thank you all for the reporting!) and we are currently investigating it, also on Fairphone 4 (even though the root cause and symptoms seem to differ).
I unfortunately do not have much information to share at the moment but I can guarantee you that it is on our radar.


I unlock with the finger sensor. So I just touch the power button with my thumb till I sense the vibration.

And yes, this issue report in German describes the same. “Solution” is not really a solution and strange enough I don’t have any issues with my FP4 work phone. Gesture settings are the same for both phones, unlock behaviour is different though: On the FP4 I have to physically press the button first for wake up and can then unlock with the thumb touch.

Its a workaround sure and they are working on the solution

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Had a similar issue with my new FP5.

While charging, it locked normally (by timeout), and displayed the clock (in landscape orientation).

Then it refused to unlock (with fingerprint, double tap, power-press, or any other mean).

The fingerprint reader gave feedback, but the clock would not go away and would not unlock,

Disconnected the charger, but the clock would not go away.

Pressed the power button once, and the screen went black.

Pressed the power button again, and the clock came back, but still locked. (No PIN keyboard to unlock, no double tap response, and no face-unlock).

Long-press on the power button did nothing (it is configured for digital assistant - I will change that now to Power menu, as I find the digital assistant useless).

Had to reboot with Power+Volume Up. Then it came back to normal.

So far, it happened only once (but it was annoying that I was making a payment, and needed to read an SMS quickly, I heard the SMS notification sound, but it would not unlock anyway).