More Background images for Fairphone 3+

I received my new Fairphone 3+ two days ago, but the background image is really “restless” (there are too many colours and objects in the image, so they are “disturbing”.
I know that there are 2 other background images available and the blue one is much better.

But is there also a background image available to download that is more “discreet”?
Means: just a blue background and the “Fairphone” text?
Of cause the white “Fairphone” text must places on a position, where no text of the app is shown (the name of the app must be legible).

Do you mean wallpapers as you can use any image you have on your phone?

Settings > System > Display > Wallpaper > Wallpapers > My photos

You can also install an alternative launcher which will provide more options ~ I installed Nova especially to get rid of the Google search bar.

Simply Solid … without the logo, but discreet :slight_smile:


Given your description you may not like this one, but here’s my current background! A friend took the picture and I ran it through a deep dream script.

You may also find this one useful.

It’s my desktop background.


thank you for your replies, my intention was different.

I know that I can install any launcher for Android (on my old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that I replaced with a Fairphone 3+) I had the “Microsoft Launcher” and also the “Square Home Launcher”).
But I want to keep my Fairphone 3+ as clean and lean as possible and only install apps, that I absolutely need.

I know that I can have any photo/image as background, so I was asking for any “official” background image, which has the branding colours of Fairphone.
Currently I am using the blue background image (that came with the Fairphone 3+), but here the white stone at the bottom left is disturbing.

So is this background also available without the stone?
Or is there any other background image using the branding colours of Fairphone?
The text “Fairphone” should not be on that background image, because it is also visible below the screen.

Unfortunately I am not a pixel artist, so I can not modify the existing image myself.

Best regards


Edit the image or take a screen shot of the image and edit the stone out.

Here You Go, Bitteschön


Thank you so much, @UweER
Danke, dass Du Dir die Arbeit gemacht hast!

This is really the background that I was looking for.
Really an excellent work.
I already have it as background image and it is really cool.

What about adding this image to the official Fairphone Wallpapers (if @UweER agrees)?

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@OLLI_S Freut mich das es passt und Danke.
Da die Wallpaper in das OS integriert sind und ein einfaches hinzufügen zu den Hintergründen erst beim nächsten Systemupdate möglich ist wird man sich auf die option es hier herunterzuladen begnügen müssen. Und Ja, @rae ich bin damit einverstanden.

Ich habe ehedem darüber nachgedacht einen Post speziell für Hintergründe zu erstellen. Bei der Kategorie bin ich mir nicht sicher. In “Help”-“Guides” oder hier in “Discuss”-“Fairphone 3” oder doch eine andere die Sinnvoll ist. Was denken die Admins darüber?

@OLLI_S Glad it fits and thanks.
Since the wallpapers are integrated into the OS and a simple addition to the backgrounds is only possible with the next system update, you will have to settle for the option to download it here. And yes, @rae I agree.

I was thinking about creating a post specifically for backgrounds. I’m not sure about the category. In “Help”-“Guides” or here in “Discuss”-“Fairphone 3” or another one that makes sense. What do the admins think about this?

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Hier weiter Hintergründe, falls man wechseln möchte.

Here’s more background if you want to switch.



:gb: Some time ago there was a similar topic created and put into category #participate :

:de: Vor längerer Zeit wurde ein ähnliches Thema unter der Kategorie #participate erstellt:



Danke @Volker, dachte ich mir doch das solch ein post vorhanden ist.

Thank you @Volker, I thought such a post was available.


Könntest Du bitte Deine Wallpaper auch bei Share your FP-themed wallpapers posten, damit alle was davon haben?

Can you please post your wallpaper also in Share your FP-themed wallpapers, so all users benefit from it?
Thank you!

tiqwIj SuvwI’ ‘e’ yIlob: Share your FP-themed wallpapers
Níib óolal!

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Das habe ich bereits gemacht. Mit einem Link auf diesen Post. Damit keine unnötigen doppel auf dem Server liegen die Platz verbrauchen, auch wenn sie wenig kb haben. Zudem mit mehr Hintergründen.

I have already done that. With a link to this post. So that there are no unnecessary doubles on the server that consume space, even if they have little kb. Also with more backgrounds.

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@UweER Ich fände es besser, wenn die Benutzer auch im Beitrag Share your FP-themed wallpapers - #18 by UweER eine Vorschau der Wallpaper hätte (so, dass alle Wallpaper in einem Thema sind).
Du kannst Deinen Beitrag oben (wo Du die Wallpaper gepostet hast) bearbeiten, die Bilder-URL kopieren und diese dann in Share your FP-themed wallpapers - #18 by UweER einfügen.
Damit sind die Bilder nur 1x auf dem Server.


@UweER It would be better if users also have a preview of the wallpapers in the post Share your FP-themed wallpapers - #18 by UweER (so that all wallpapers are shown in one topic).
You can edit your post above (where you posted the wallpapers), copy the image URL and then paste it into Share your FP-themed wallpapers - #18 by UweER.
This way the images are only once on the server.


I really like how @OLLI_S is trying to keep all wallpapers in one topic, so users have just one place where they find wallpapers.
Thank you @OLLI_S for your enthusiasm (or better: your focus on user-friendliness)

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