Monthly payments of fairphone?

Dear All,

could you be so kind to let me know if there’s any monthly payments for the acquisition of a fairphone?
Thank you.

Unfortunately there isn’t, maybe in the future you could be able to buy a Fairphone 2 through a contract with a provider. You could however also put away some money every day/week/month until the phone is actually manufactured and then buy one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



While it is (probably) not relevant for the original poster, I’d like to repeat what has been kind of a side note in yesterday’s webinar: Customers in GERMANY can now order the Fairphone 2 through the Fairphone shop opting for a payment plan instead of full upfront payment. I understand that option is enabled by a third party payment plan provider and – as usual – comes with interest on top of the part payments.

This option will become available to more countries in the year 2016: Austria, Netherlands and Scandinavia.


Great news! It has become very relevant, so I have filed this topic into the Road Map category! :smiley:

@SustEng :smile: While unfortunately the above support article is gone (maybe the expansion to other countries could not be materialized?), the option to pay in installments (provided by is still available (at least) to customers in Germany when ordering a Fairphone 2 through the Fairphone web shop. It is integrated in the regular ordering procedure as an additional payment option:


Could you post the same info for a FP2 that would also show the full cost for 12 or 24 months? It would be interesting to know how much more it would cost in the end. I assume(!) that a FP2 (525 EUR) bought like this (11.95%, 27 EUR + 0.45 EUR each month) will cost around ~600 EUR in the end altogether, but I can’t check that right now.

Update: Some of these companies (like Klarna) have bad press regarding their business practices. But I guess that’s normal in this kind of business. Because for companies like those … a customer that misses/forgets a payment gets gets a warning and a debt collection claim. Due to this, they can easily make much more money. It’s always good to keep that in mind before using such a service. Most often … if you cannot afford something … just don’t buy it.

Thanks Urs,

didn’t know that was possible! Will keep it in mind for the time after my studies, which is luckily soon enough :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the option to pay in installments offered through Klarna was removed from the ordering process (I just tested this – from Germany where it was previously an option). The previous support article is back and has been revised to confirm this.

… and a mere six years on, paying the Fairphone in installments through Klarna is back (for all FP4s and the refurbished FP3 and the refurbished FP3+):

If my maths is right, the six payments add up to the same 579 € that would be paid if everything was paid upfront, so no interest rate applies.66

I got mine through the BT Shop and paid with Paypal. Since I’m using Paypal Credit it is effectively paying for the phone in installments.

I want to buy Fairphone and pay in installments, please include Poland someday :slight_smile:

Please contact Fairphone for such, here is a user forum and we dont have influence on this.


I don’t know why you think they don’t deliver to Poland. The shop has a link in the FAQ to the countries FP ship to. Poland is on the list.

As for installments, the FP shop offers payments through Klarna.


Klarna doesn’t include Poland.