Modular True Wireless Earbuds

Will there be a modular version of the earbuds?

  • replaceable battery
  • hybrid-mode (battery or cable powered)

I don’t feel the current model is sustainable. With these small batteries it’s only a question of time when they wear out. When they do the buds can’t be used at all.

Possibly. As said in this video (Where's the headphone jack?! | and other questions answered | Fairphone - YouTube), they’re taking it step by step in the same way as with Fairphone. So in the first iteration, the key idea was to use fair materials. Maybe the second version will have replaceable batteries.


The community here cannot answer this seriously

So, all answered and discussed at now is pure speculation

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Adding to the above answers is that you can replace the batteries but not easily, so the buds do not ‘have’ to be thrown away.

Part of the so called ‘sustainability’ project on this planet is that people take responsibility and do things themselves, so

Must admit I have no intention of buying them though :slight_smile:


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The selfproclaimed Right to Repair friendly Fairphones earbuds get the worst possible score on iFixit repairability score 1 out of 10. Absolutely appalling.

Some might say that making repairable earbuds is hard but the iFixit article links to Samsung Galaxy Buds thats gets 8/10 in the repairability score. So if Samsung can do it that even doesn’t promote iself as repairability brand and a Fairphone that claims that “If you can’t open it you don’t own it” makes worst product in this regard. Man there is no excuse.

This doesn’t really make it better, but the lowest possible score is actually 0/10. So the crown still goes to Apple AirPods. And to be fair, repairability was never the key point for Fairphone. It was actually fair trade materials and fair wages for the workers.


Not exactly news, as you’ll note from the date, and please stop spamming across separate threads to generate a response.

I don’t consider the earbuds a great idea either, but you’ll have to talk to #contactsupport if you want to reach someone at the company.


Both the earbuds and the charging case are made with 30% recycled plastics. And as a world-first, we managed to integrate Fairtrade Gold into the supply chain.

And we’ll do you one better: For every pair you buy, we save their weight in electronic waste from the landfill by reusing or recycling old electronics.