Modular headset spare cable - where to get?

Hi all,
Some time ago I bought the modular headset with the interchangeable cable. First my mic was broken but I was able to carefully open its housing and resolder it. Now this fix “paid off” with the housing having opened itself and now the housing is gone and mic and the rest of the remote control are hanging free on some tiny wires. The big advantage of the modular headset is their modularity but… where can I still get the FP replacement cable? Or if there are no sources anymore, which other cables with MMCX connectors can be recommended? Is it important to have the bend behind the ears like it is in the FP cable, does it work without or can this be done with some shrink hose?
Looking at repairability and availability of spare parts I sometimes think FP should keep their fingers off headphones…


I’m a bit surprised, but maybe I got you wrong … :wink:


I’m surprised, too: It’s not that I didn’t look in their shop first, I just didn’t find it obviously. Thanks for pointing me to it. And I must take back at least part of the statement about bad availability of spare parts, sorry for that.


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