Model number: "FP1" showing in settings

Is this normal or should it say FP1U if you got a second batch phone?


Hi @nils

I think this is normal, it says FP1 for me as well (and I also got a second batch phone). So I wouldn’t worry about this. I guess they probably didn’t change this because they hardly made any changes to the phone.

ok thanks :slight_smile: -----------

I noticed this too. Is there anything on the “About phone” screen which disambiguates between the two batches? Maybe the build number or baseband version?

I have to wonder if the project is setting itself up for some future support hassles here.

I contacted Fairphone for this as well, and got the following reply:

Thank you for your message. I can assure you that you have an FP1U
Fairphone, and not a FP1. You can check this yourself by looking inside
your Fairphone, behind your battery. In the software it states FP1, but
this is a mistake. This will probably be updated in the next software


Yes, it is just a bit weird at first. I think there will be no problem, as replacing items like battery or screen should be the same as the FP1 for the FP1U. And support / repair obviously will see if it is FP1 or FP1U.

Thanks for clearing this up.

Glad you got an answer from this. Hopefully it will be updated in the next update. It could be like the S/N issue where this isn’t recorded correctly in the software. Still hoping this one will be resolved too…

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