Mobilecall fail from time to time


sorry my english it’s not the yello from the eag but i Like learning.

Me FP5 has a problem into calling from time to time. It give not Establishing connection.

What do i have to do for Work.

The Phone ist new and i have dont clue from this.

Heve a nice day, i hope you can helpe me.

… leads me to believe you are German or from a German-speaking area.

Man kann hier im Forum ruhig auf Deutsch schreiben. Andere Sprachen als Englisch sind erlaubt, und hier sind genug Deutschsprachler unterwegs :wink: .

(Zum Problem weiß ich leider nichts.)


Thx, I thought so, but i would learning better english. Learning languages it is my kryptonit xD

I Hope, you can understand what i reading in First Time !?

Have a nice afternoon.

Well, the most obvious reason for failed calls would be that you don’t actually have proper network reception. Have you checked what the phone shows in those cases?

Yes, I have look for. But I don’t have a skill to the FP5 setup. What’s for setups have a priority for call network?

Thx vor the massege