Mobile internet stopped working randomly, wifi etc works fine

Lately i’ve been having some issues with my fairphone. Ive had it for little over two years now. I recently bought a new battery because the old one just didn’t function properly. Some problems ive been having since: the wifi works badly… Like if i would be at uni and then travel home, it would not connect to my home wifi but still show the wifi networks of my uni? As if its not searching right. The only thing that works to solve this is to restart it (off/on) but thats kind of annoying since i’ll be doing this restart at least once a day.
But since yesterday i have a new problem; it wont connect to my 4G at all… Itll show on the topright of my screen that im connected, but ny browser etc keep saying im offline… Meanwhile wifi does work. I found some people who had a similar problem with their 4G, but it was all with different providers. Does anyone know how to fix this if your provider is t-mobile? I live in the netherlands.

Thank you!

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Are you on Android 7? That Wifi problem sounds a little like the first known wifi issue here: ✏ Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc


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