Mobile Internet not working...?

So guys…
I was tired of “aunt google”, so I decided to move on to the OpenOS.
So I put the 17.06.4 on my FP2.
No problems with installing, everything went smooth.

Today I wanted to use my mobile internet to check my emails in my lunch break. So I turned on “mobile data” and waited for the “H+” to appear next to the bars indicating the signal strength of my phone. Well…nothing happened. I rebooted my phone - nothing happened. I went through the SIM card settings - couldn’t find anything wrong. Is that such a huge difference from 5.1. to 6? Did I miss anything? How can I make it work?

Can you check your APN settings? You might need to enter them manually…

You can find them in SIM settings :slight_smile:

Uhm…APN settings? I installed the OS in german… I think I need a screenshot or a german guide…

I’m currently on Lineage OS so the settings might be somewhere else…

But here you can find them under “Einstellungen” -> “SIM-Karten” -> “Mobilfunknetz-Einstellungen” -> “SIM 1-Einstellungen” -> “Zugangspunkte (APNs)”.

You will find the correct settings for your network provider on the provider’s website. Sometime they offer the service to send you a text message with the correct settings…

Einstellungen - Mehr - Mobilfunknetze - Zugangspunkte (APNs)

What he said :+1:

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Alright, send a mail to my provider. I hope they can help me, as they offer TWO APN settings…for O2 or for vodafone. I dunno which one to take.

I have a similiar problem but without changing anything, especially not the OS. Since some days, I regularly lost the mobile internet connection and it took ages, (dis)activating Wifi or SIM card or even restarts that it will get the connection back. Since around ~3 days, it doesn’t get the mobile internet connection at all anymore.

connection for calls and SMS is working but the additional indicator for the mobile internet does not show up anymore and there is no internet connection.

I’m not sure if it’s a regional issue (Dresden, Vodafone), if it’s a software issue or even a hardware problem… :confused:

Since today because of a regional Vodafone problem, I even can’t call anymore, but this is definitely not because of Fairphone, but because of the Vodafone problem.

But the other problems appeared earlier…

Well, which provider do you use? Choose the correct APN for the SIM card in question.

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I hope your issue is solved later this day. If you use Voice over LTE try turning off LTE (4G) and see if issue persists. If it’s fixed and returns after turning on LTE call support with your finding.

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That could be an effect of the damaged train signals - because of that, all trains in Dresden were out of service - and Vodafone and some other telecommunication providers were also affected, because they use the train infrastructure.

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Got my issues solved.
APN data for O2 worked in my case.
And the bluetooth issue was fixed by getting Black Player from a APK-Site.
Now I am fully satisfied. :slight_smile:

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