Mobile data problem - Android 13

Exactly the same problem here, very annoying.
I found a fix though: Reset the APN settings to default (there were two “internet.v6.telekom” entries for me).
I.e., go to you SIM1/2 settings > “Access Point Names” > Three-Dot-Menu > “Reset to Default”.
My phone immediately put the “5G” next to the network quality indicator in the status bar and it started working.

On a Fairphone 3 which is not able to connect to 5G networks?

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Of course, I bought a new modem and installed a fresh antenna. And then I fixed your Software, now I got 5G. Great, right?

It’s on a Fairphone 4, but I presume the fix works just the same. So I was trying to be helpful here.
Imho it would be better if you weren’t making fun of me not knowing that the code of the aforementioned software version is for the FP3 and instead take care that stupid bugs like this don’t make it into a software release in the first place. Nobody wants a software update break their internet connection. Or being advised to “restart multiple times”. It’s not Windows.

Thanks for your contribution and for trying to help and analyze further!

No one of the users here is able to take care of bugs (it’s a user forum).
And I don’t think que question is “making fun of you” but it’s imho a legitimate question in this Fairphone 3 topic trying to avoid confusion. So I think that’s no reason to be offended.

Nobody is making fun of you.
The thread you placed your post is for the Fairphone 3.
So I moved your posts to a new thread in the Fairphone 4 category.

I honestly don’t think phrasing it as a question like that is appropriate or helpful. The phone model is not stated in the initial question.

Anyway, this fix might just as well work on the FP3 so I don’t quite understand why people having this exact same issue on an FP3 would not be interested in trying it out. It seems very much like an Android 13 problem, so it’s probably not FP3/4 specific.

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