Mobile data in Austria with 3at

Hi especially Austrian FP2-users,
When I was in Austria last time with my German SIM card (E-Plus/Telefonica network) I had the problem that my FP2 sometimes was unable to transfer data although roaming was switched on (3at is used in my case) and it reported to have HSDPA+. Eventually I found out that it helped when I told my phone not to prefer 4G networks but only 3G. Is this an issue that you have with Austrian SIM cards, too? Is this a bug? In Germany my phone may use LTE, too, so switching forth and back is a bit annoying. I didn’t experience such issues in other countries. I’m on FPOS, did the latest update after I returned from Austria, so I had the previous version installed.
And btw: Did we already have the issue reported that when roaming you don’t see the network technology anymore in the signal strength indicator because there’s only the R and not 3G or anything like that? In FP1 that works pretty well…

Thanks, Martin

This is not a general problem: I was in June in Austria and could use (roaming) mobile data without problems. I was mostly in the 3 LTE network.

I’m using Drillisch/Winsim in the O₂ Germany network.

Note: HSDPA and HSPA+ is 3G, not 4G.

Thanks for your reply. It worked okay most of the times but as written above, in some cases it could barely get any traffic through although it had HSPA+ which I know is 3G only. My assumption is that it tries to get into 4G if available but for some reason it is rejected. So changing the preferences to 3G might circumvent that.
In the E-Plus network in Germany LTE is enabled as a voluntary extra for all users even though their contracts say that 3G is the maximum. Don’t know how this is handled in roaming cases but maybe that’s a question for my provider.

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