Mobile Data can Not be activated

I have updated my fp2 to Android 10. Niw i can No longer activate mobile Data. The Slider can Not be moved to the active Position. When i use the quick Connect Buttons für mobile Data, the Button stays Grey.

I’m not sure what it means that the option is not available at all, but did you restart the phone, following the update?
Or try resetting the APN settings (under Mobile network > Advanced), plus restart.
If resetting doesn’t work, you should be able to find the APN settings with your provider.

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Yes, I did restart the fp2 after installing Android 10. The Slider to activate the mobile Data can Not be moved to the right side for activating. I did reset the apn settings akready, Problem remains the same. With Android 9 the mobile Data Slider could bei moved, but automtically returned Back to the inactive state after closing the Window.

So with Android 9 it didn’t work either?

Are you running the stock Android from Fairphone? With or without Google services?

Yes, with Android 9 the mobile Data did Not Work either. I have installed Updates via the Fairphone Update Setup. What do you mean with Google Services?

There is FPOS with and FOOS without Google.

But the bottom line is , that mobile data has never worked with your phone?

Fp2 mobile Data did Work with the Android Version IT was delivered fron the factory. Recently thus Software crashed often and i installed the available Android Updates. The Rest of the Story ist known.

What does your provider supply 3G or 4G? What is your setting at Preferred network type?


Preferred Network Type: 4g/LTE

You might consider to do a backup of your phone (if data is not encryped it should even be possible to do a full nandroid backup using TWRP) and a factory reset then. This may help.


Factory reset did fix the problem. Thanks


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