Mobile connection keeps crashing when travelling

So this happens now quite regualry, whenever I’m moving and looking at the phone, the PIN code request is there again… I guess the mobile connection keeps crashing. Also bluetooth tethering will not work anymore at all until rebooting the device. I cant be sure what causes this, but it started happening about half a year ago, thus around the dreadfull A13 update, but might be also to changes to my carrier. Never had any issues like this before.

Did any updates change the modem firmware? Can or should I change modem software?

The reset options in the Settings include a network reset (Wi-Fi, mobile network and Bluetooth), did you try this already?
Just to be prepared … This would lose your Wi-Fi passwords and probably all known Bluetooth devices in the process.

Reseating the SIM card comes to mind, too, and - if possible - testing whether the issue persists with a different SIM card (or a new one from your provider).
SIM cards can deteriorate over time, causing all kinds of trouble, also trouble which you wouldn’t attribute to them logically, as we’ve seen in the forum over the years.

Did you do the upgrade in-place or did you install the phone from scratch?
In-place upgrades to new major OS versions without wiping the device might work out well … or not (they don’t tend to work out well for 100% of the users, regardless of device or OS).
So re-installing the OS from scratch would be a thought, too, in case you didn’t do it already …

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I cleaned and reseated the SIM for now as step 1.
Can do a network reset as step 2.
I’m not going to order a new SIM from my provider without better cause.
Unfortunally it always takes a few days to see if this keeps happening again. It was now half a year that I got certain it happens regulary…

In the past I just pressed “OK” on these “keep running smoothly” update messages.

Since it happens only when moving IMO its either a physical issue due to vibrations or so, or an issue when switching radio masts and the network kicks me out. Thats why I suspected the modem firmware.

PS I just had the case of this happening while holding the phone in hands… but while sitting in the bus, so I seriously believe it has someting to do with radio mast switching…

Hmm, so far so good, cleaning the SIM and pins seems to have done it (also gave the ones of the battery on both sides an easy sweeping with a wooden toothpick).

BTW: There is another software issue the bluetooth tethering option showing off albeit it is on and working, might have been that way forever since I never put any attention to that before debugging that.

This problem is not refer exclusively to the FP 3! I have the same issue with my FP 4 since a few months - still without a working solution…

Since I’ve gave it a good cleaning of the contacts (the SIM and the power) I’ve not seen it again since, I wanted to use high grade alcohol but didnt have any at hand at the time, but didnt want to use water. I really just gave the SIM just a good rubbing with a dry microfiber cloth and the pins of the battery of both sides with a toothpick.


Unfortunally it is back.

To be more exact the mobile connection keeps working. Its bluetooth thetering that dies or gets in an akward state until next reboot. I thus firmly believe it is a software issue, that may be triggered due to an hardware event.

In the failed state:

  • The notebook can make a bluetooth connection with the FP3. But it wont get any internet data.
  • The data connection on the phone works tough (as in browser works)
  • Whenever I go into the tethering menu, the slider for bluetooth tethering is in the “off” position. When I slide it on… go out of the menu, go back into again, its shows again and always “off”.

As you’re having problems with BT tethering it might possibly give sense to try out wifi tethering as a workaround?

I dislike wifi tethering because of battery drain. Bluetooth used to work fine in the past…

Ok, I see.