MMS setup for Fairphone 2


Hey. I have a problem setting up my fairphone 2 to receive and deliver mms. I followed the guidlines on the movie and for my operator. tried both. does not work. what do I do?

In which country do you live and who is your provider?

Hei. I live in Norway and my provider is OneCall

Just by searching around I found this, does it work for you? You will not need all the settings but you can play around with them. There is no username or password needed.

carrier="OneCall MMS"
mmsproxy=“” port="80"
mcc=“242” mnc="05"

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Yes I have tried that. Does not work unfortunately

Could you try if using the app Hangouts makes a difference?

Can you tell us what settings you have tried so far? Did you had another phone before on with it worked so you can look up the information there?

Update: Another IP address shown on the net is:

Owned by: Tele2 AB/Swedish IP Network maybe your service was sold to someone else?

I experience the same issue. I have tried all the configurations the company provides and costumer support could think of.
Denmark -> Telmore

Have a look at this topic. Maybe it’s helpful for you MMS setup for Luxembourg

I have the same problem, living in Copenhagen. I have coop mobile, but as I understand it they have the same carrier as Telmore.

Have you found a solution?

I recommend to search for the right APN settings in the help forums of your provider. Normally there’s somebody who already found a solution.
Many providers don’t allow MMS over WiFi. So make sure you’re connected to mobile internet when you try it.

Same here. I have Telmore in Denmark. I can’t make it work.

Here too. I have Telenor in Norway. I sent them an sms that is supposed to fix it automatically, but telenor didn’t recognize the FP2,m then I tried the “manual setup” on the telenor pages. None of that works. I have only tried Textra tho.
Update: After the latest update it works!

Nope. didn’t find a solution yet. pretty much given up. Customer service (my provider) can’t help anymore, the are out of ideas.

Tried all the APN settings they and I could think of.

Did you already try these settings:
Or did you try to setup different APNs for internet and MMS?

Did you already read this post:å-One-Plus-One/td-p/674? I don’t understand it, but maybe there’s a solution inside…

Thanks for your research. After the latest update I can now send MMS. Or maybe it was my tinkering with different settings. I don’t know for sure. But, suddenly it just started working.

I have the same problem: I can´t receive or deliver mms. My provider is o2 Germany and their support have no more ideas to help me. We checked the settings. It works with another app like Hangouts. I have one SIM-Card in Slot 1. What can I do?

Hi Maxie, unfortunately not answer :frowning: We use the FF2 with provider O2 in Germany, too, and have the same problem. So, we’re very much interested in solutions. Thx alot around.

I had similar problems with MMS. I am on the TDC network in Denmark. Tried all available settings with no luck. I installed the Textra messaging app and that solved the problem.
Hope that helps.