MMS reception issue on FP3/FP3+ with /e/ (eelo)

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I own a Fairphone 3 and a 3+, in whitch the rom /e/ (eelo) is installed.

I have a problem while recieving MMS messages : if the data connection is activated, it works. But if the data is desactivated, i have a notification like this :

Translation from French :
" Settings : MMS Incoming : Press here to allow the MMS with Orange F (the operator) while the mobile data is desactivated"
If i press the notification, i reach the mobile network settings (data connection, roaming, APN… )

The main problem is here : I have this notification when i recieve a MMS while the data is off, but if i switch on the data just after, i do not recive the MMS, so it is definetly lost. (And i cannot guess who send it and ask him to send it again when my data is activated…)

So for the moment, i have to keep always the data on to be sure that i miss any message :confused: (Sometimes, long text messages come by MMS)

In my old phone (a Honor 5X , also with /e/, it happened like this :

  • MMS reception without data -> Nothing happen
  • Switching on the data after -> The MMS is recieved

Is it possible to have the same running on my FP3 (and 3+) ?

Thanks a lot in advance. :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Note : I am in France. The FP3 is on the operator “Free Mobile” and the FP3+ is on the operator “Orange”. The two of them have exactly the same issue.


/e/ is officially still beta software. There’s numerous threads already over at their support forum on this topic. I cannot tell if they contain a solution (I do not speak French, unfortunately).

Problème MMS avec data désactivées - /e/ en Français / /e/ Support Utilisateurs - /e/ community

MMS without mobile data - Using / e / / Troubleshooting - /e/ community

MMS never appear if mobile data are activated after the reception (FP3+) - /e/ en Français / /e/ Support Utilisateurs - /e/ community

Good luck!


In Settings→Network and Internet→Mobile data, switch mobile data off and you should see an option “Send and receive MMS when mobile data is off”. Isn’t it here? Mind it, only when mobile data is off.

Edit: Also, the messaging app of /e/ being a fork of QKSMS: I had contacted th developer to ask him to implement this feature, but I don’t think it was done yet.

Edit2: Ok, forget what I said, it’s probably indeed an /e/ issue:

Thank you for your help.

I created a duscussion in the /e/ forum to report the problem :
And as i was not alone with this problem, an issue has been opened :slight_smile: :

That is encouraging. I hope we will find soon a solution or a patch :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, i do not have this switch :

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Second screenshot :

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